Friday, November 9, 2001

another weekend: honeymoon/divorce

tied them together with noble force
the day... turned twice my age

missed a few before, so sorry for two in one week.

raul malo | 12.11 | bimbo's : the amazing tenor of the mavericks, if only his songwriting were as strong.

calexico | 01.12 | gamh : the two "sidemen" from the genius band giant sand, also from OP8 + the friends of dean martinez. morricone meets surf + latin tones. slow, but intense. stare at yer shoes.

sleater-kinney | 01.14 | gamh : i have SO been waiting for these cats to tour again. this possibly may be the best band in rock today. my opinion for sure, but some stupid magazine recently said so too, which of course makes me question my opinion. women have been the trailblazers in every music genre for the past ten years at least + this band is a prime example. from girlie whispers to outright testosterone screaming that puts cobain to shame. i never really understood women's reactions to the sexuality of rock performers like jim morrison or even elvis, until i saw this band. i simply turn to butter in a skillet watching carrie brownstein play. i've never seen a hip meet a guitar like that. i think she may be a lesbian, but no doubt i could make her switch to the other team, right? oh yeah, this is supposed to be about the music. their dueling guitars recall tom verlaine + richard lloyd, while the emotion behind everything is so sincere. the usual (deserved) bashing of men is blurred by their understanding of modern sexuality (akin to the lyrics of say bob mould or pete shelley). as such it takes the riot grrl scenario to a much more mature + whole level.

del mccoury | 2.15 | gamh : tops. this was 1 of the top 5 shows i've seen this year. the top 3 bluegrass bands around are this band, union station, + ralph stanley+the clinch mountain boys. unfortunately union station backs alison krauss who has taken a decidedly radio friendly route to country, so the purity of bluegrass of which they are so capable rarely is shown anymore. del + family came out onto a stage at the great american armed only with unplugged instruments + two microphones. as acoustic as a show can get. the place was packed + when they played the softest funeral dirge, you could not even hear the clinking of a glass. truly like watching a band the band the way you should, eliminating the offstage unnamed member, the soundman. it takes true talent + hard work to blend 5 voices + 5 instruments through two mics + fill a space like this hall. so good. SO good. to top it all off they played a version of richard thompson's '52 vincent black lightning. fans of steve earle, note that this was his "backup" band on his grammy winning mountain album.

previously mentioned:

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king crimson w/john paul jones | 11.14 | warfield
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u2 | 11.15 | oakland arena
mike watt | 11.15 | BotH
grant lee phillips | 11.16 | slim's
supersuckers | 11.17 | slim's
death cab for cutie | 11.17+18 | gamh
lee scratch perry | 11.19 | justice league
bebel gilberto | 11.28 | fillmore
robert earl keen, jr | 11.30 | fillmore
wilco | 12.1,2+3 | fillmore
eels (& howe gelb) | 12.3 | gamh
los lobos | 12.6 | fillmore
jonathan richman | 12.8 | slim's
jane siberry | 12.9 | gamh
el vez | 12.20 | BotH
mark lanegan | 12.21 | slim's
imperial teen | 12.29 | slim's
down from the mountain | 2.20 | berkeley comm theatre
nick cave | 4.18+19 | warfield

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