Friday, May 27, 2011

the revolution will be live

Gilbert 'Gil' Scott-Heron
(April 1, 1949 - May 27, 2011)

An incredibly sad day. I have not learned the details yet, only that Scott-Heron has passed away in New York. He had just released (last year) his first album in some 16 years. Poet, singer, songwriter, spoken word, novelist, activist, rythmist with a syncopated heart.

Not a last poet, but a continuum of poetry.

Friday, May 20, 2011

eschatology - (whimper) - the rapture (pt. 1)

the fascination with eschatology never ends. i present the soundtrack to the end of it all. i'm breaking this post in multiples as apparently a ton of youtube links in one post can break the blogosphere.

let's start with a little commentary on self fulfilling prophecies by the geniuses of six feet under, in particular this episode's intro, written, i believe, by rick cleveland

six feet under - episode 41 "in case of rapture"

only because this current idea and timeframe of the end of days (driven by a mechanical engineer turned evangelic pastor/prophet) is a religious based one, i will pull out blondie's horrific venture into rap music first. in an effort to get it out of the way. as an aside, this is the second time said mechanical engineer has predicted the rapture. the first time he was mistaken.

we are all human.

"rapture" - blondie
besides all the name checking during her "rap", i still don't know how she convinced jean michel basquiat to be in this. (he's the dj).

"rapture riders" - the doors with blondie

since this rapture is supposed to be caused by some earth shaking, now is a good time to share some fantastic roky erickson...

"earthquake" - thirteenth floor elevators

i compiled and burned CDs, complete with cover art, for friends for y2k, the millenium bug in 1999. scroll down past the prophesies since 1999 section for songs are about the end of days and released prior to that date.


"goodnight moon" - shivaree

"california tuffy" - the geraldine fibbers

"tomorrow comes today" - gorillaz

"let's get out" - life without buildings

"a thousand years away" - the minus 5

"it's not the end of the world?" - super furry animals

"no cities left" - the dears

"the dreaming dead" - jesse sykes and the sweet hereafter

"let it die" - feist

"naked as we came" - iron + wine

"end times" - the eels

will be adding more soon...

eschatology - (whimper) - the rapture (pt. 2)

originally curated for the end of the world 01.01.00

disc one


"what are you doing new year's eve?" - lou rawls


"people get ready" - the impressions


"1999" - prince

"all tomorrow's parties" - the velvet underground

"party at ground zero" - fishbone

"death is not the end" - nick cave and the bad seeds

"time is on my side" - irma thomas

"wish the world away" - american music club


"round midnight" - thelonious monk


"it's now or never" - elvis presley

"the rain won't help you when it's over" - true believers

"holding on to the earth" - sam phillips

"ask the angels" - patti smith group

"make the world go away" - eddy arnold

"meet ze monsta" - pj harvey


"final hour" - lauryn hill


"if i had possession over judgment day" - robert johnson

"tomorrow never comes" - loretta lynn

"god save the queen" - the sex pistols

"it's over" - roy orbison

disc two


"boys the night will bury you" - richard buckner


"la morena" - los super seven

"world destruction" - time zone

"the great atomic power" - the louvin brothers

"let my people go" - diamanda galas

"trampled by the sun" - the gourds

"the angel of death" - hank williams

"pink moon" - nick drake

"life during wartime" - talking heads


"countdown" - john coltrane


"it doesn't matter anymore" - buddy holly

"monkey gone to heaven" - pixies

"i've just destroyed the world" - willie nelson

"i just left myself today" - terry allen
(i hope to upload a video to youtube for this song soon)

"25 minutes to go" - johnny cash


"get to leave" - giant sand
(the original i used was giant sand, not howe gelb, from long stem rant)


"let the mystery be" - iris dement

"viva la raza" - latin playboys
(hope to upload a video of this as well)

"it's the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)" - r.e.m.

"is that all there is?" - peggy lee

"30 seconds till the end of the world" - pennywise

"a celtic lullaby" - whimper


"what a wonderful world" - victoria williams

eschatology - (whimper) - the rapture (pt. 3) - the outtakes

(wimper) outtakes 
these were meant for the initial set, but didn't make the cut due to size allotment of two discs.


"the battle of armageddon" - hank williams

"the end of the world" - skeeter davis

"lady midnight" - leonard cohen

"i wanna destroy you" - soft boys

"it's over" - k mccarty
(daniel johnston's version below)

"watch'n it all go down" - the texas instruments

"the last night of the world" - bruce cockburn

"preaching the end of the world" - chris cornell

"from the end of the world" - elo

"until the end of the world" - u2

eschatology - (whimper) - the rapture (pt. 4) - mistah kurtz


on the tenth anniversary of (whimper), i released two more disks, this is the first, "Mistah Kurtz".

"you dropped a bomb on me" - the gap band

"this is the day" - the the

"final solution" - pere ubu

"four horsemen" - the clash

"apocalyptic horses" - robert jacks and kim longacre

"let's take some drugs and drive around" - the setters
(video below is of the vulgar boatmen doing the song)

"dead man's party" - oingo boingo

"no time this time" - the police

"ball of confusion (that's what the world is today)" - the temptations

"here's where the story ends" - the sundays

"crazy" - pylon

"help save the youth of america" - billy bragg

"save your generation" - jawbreaker

"it's raining" - irma thomas

"eve of destruction" - barry mcguire

"wave of mutilation (uk surf)" - pixies

"into the atom age" - xtc

"when that great ship went down" - william and versey smith
(couldn't find the william and versey version, so here is woody)

"the end" - the beatles

"save the last dance for me" - the drifters