Friday, May 20, 2011

eschatology - (whimper) - the rapture (pt. 5) - a penny for the old guy


on the tenth anniversary of (whimper), i released two more discs. this is the second, "a penny for the old guy"

"zero hour" - the plimsouls

"lake of fire" - meat puppets

"leave the planet" - galaxie 500
(how is there not a video of this on youtube?)

"the party's over" - willie nelson

"i'm not afraid to die" - gillian welch

"2000 years" - darden smith
(is a mighty long time)

"going underground" - the jam

"waiting around to die" - townes van zandt

"waiting for the end of the world" - elvis costello

"judgment" - reverend sister mary nelson

"the end" - buick mackane

armageddon days (are here again) - the the

"midnight blues" - bessie smith

"walkin' after midnight" - patsy cline

"banned from the end of the world" - sleater kinney

"darkness on the face of the earth" - willie nelson
(the great and underrated "she's not for you" leads this off)

"it's all over now, baby blue" - bob dylan

"nothing but flowers" - talking heads

"fifty miles of elbow room" - f.w. mcgee

"i got you (at the end of the century)" - wilco

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