Friday, May 20, 2011

eschatology - (whimper) - the rapture (pt. 3) - the outtakes

(wimper) outtakes 
these were meant for the initial set, but didn't make the cut due to size allotment of two discs.


"the battle of armageddon" - hank williams

"the end of the world" - skeeter davis

"lady midnight" - leonard cohen

"i wanna destroy you" - soft boys

"it's over" - k mccarty
(daniel johnston's version below)

"watch'n it all go down" - the texas instruments

"the last night of the world" - bruce cockburn

"preaching the end of the world" - chris cornell

"from the end of the world" - elo

"until the end of the world" - u2

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