Thursday, May 3, 2001

a wispy hung moon

goldfrapp | 5.9 | GAMH : fans of portishead, don't miss this one. you may remember allison goldfrapp's voice from the song pumpkin (off of tricky's first album). mellow trip hop with a spy + torch song feel.

john scofield | 5.22-26 | yoshi's : jazz-rock guitar great.

calexico | 6.3 | bimbo's : i was just talking with a friend about how i've never seen these guys live or even advertised. arizona based, named after the border town between cali + mexico, their sound ranges from dusty folk to spaghetti western tinged with mexican traditional. the core of this band has always been john convertino + joey burns, from giant sand. op8, friends of dean martinez...

spain | 6.13 | BotH : this is jazz great charlie haden's son's band. but don't expect josh to sound like his dad. he doesn't. this is indie rock with an amazing plethora of influences, including jazz.

radiohead | 6.27 | shoreline : sorry i forgot to mention this one earlier. if you like them, i hope you went to see sigur ros last night. radiohead, though ground breaking, aren't breaking it by themselves. kid a came from iceland.

ani difranco | 7.6 | greek theater - berk : hulett digs ani, even though the smell of patchoulli at her shows can be overwhelming... probably better than the smell it's masking, i guess.

air | 7.9+10 | warfield : i dig these guys if only because their flash video for 'sexy boy' on the web quoted le corbusier to no end.

nina simone | 7.11 | paramount -oakland : damnit, i'm gonna find that cd so i can quote her for you, i promise.

sade | 7.17+18 | those damn outdoor theaters : a flawless woman

oh, and james brown added a second show for june 1 at the paramount