Sunday, April 29, 2001

get up (get on up-ah)

incredibly strange wrestling | 5.5 | fillmore : so you couldn't get joan jett tix + el vez is too 'tame' for you? here's to what should be the most absurd thing you can go to for cinco de mayo. these guys play punk, build a wrestling ring in the middle of the fillmore, wrestle bartenders + the audience, wear mexican wrestling outfits + near the end of the show throw tortillas into the crowd. dios mio.

james brown + tower of power | 5.31 | paramount in oakland : my biggest fear is that i overlook an ad for a show like this + all of you are pissed at me 'cause you couldn't get tickets in time. tickets are on sale right now... i have no idea if any are left. i already have tickets for another 'don't miss' show for this evening, but i tell you... jb...AND tower of power... AND at the paramount? friggin' 'ell (on the one). eeeeeeeeeEEE-UNNGH! POPCORN!

kool keith | 6.30 | maritime ...i mentioned this guy a while back. amazing turntablist + performance artist.