Tuesday, April 24, 2001

a moon confused

+ then sometimes i'm too wordy for my own goody.i've added some fine folk, so if this email list is new to you + you don't want to receive it, tell me to piss off + i will.

on to hulett's money drain:

03.17.01 | kronos quartet | yerba buena : you know these guys right?

03.19.01 | mogwai | bimbo's : scots blowing the doors off the manchester scene

03.21.01 | john hammond | gamh : blues standard. yup his daddy discovered people like billie holiday + bob dylan

03.24.01 | sarah harmer | cafe du nord : i've yet to see her live, but i've liked her recordings. smart lyrics catchy tunes, this is a lilith fair warning i must say.

03.26+27.01 | nick cave | palace of fine arts :
already brought him up. don't miss him.

03.31.01 | jad fair | starry plough, berkeley : quirkiest of the quirky, this guy writes from the heart + bares his insecurities in your face. very catchy tunes to go with all the emotional exposure. his voice isn't for everyone, but i love this guy. original force behind half japanese, one of the longest living punk bands around. the violent femmes literally lifted their sound from him. thank you, kraly.

04.01.01 | jonatha brooke | fillmore : breathy + catchy songster from the story. again...lilith

04.02.01 | guided by voices | fillmore : indie-arty-poppy-ohioans. and BRILLIANT.

04.03.01 | the waterboys | fillmore : tone down the punk from the pogues. is that the best way i can describe these irish wizards? i wish i was a fisherman...

04.03.01 | rodney crowell | slim's : almost but will never make it to radio country guy. solid songs. lots of 'em. done by the likes of emmylou.

04.07.01 | soft boys w/the young fresh fellows | fillmore : robyn hitchcock's old punk band (iiiiiiiii wanna destroooooooyyy youuuu) the soft boys + the young fresh fellows? this is a don't miss. me already got tickets.

04.09+10.01 | joe jackson | 09-fillmore 10-warfield : yeah he drifted + drifts into some highly questionable territory, but.... he still has those few songs that light me at times.

04.12.00 | psychedelic furs | fillmore : don't make me describe them. i'm a victim of the john hughes time period i grew up in. "inside you the tide moves..."

04.12.00 | merle haggard | gershwin theater : 'hey hurtin' me now don't mean a thing. since love ain't here i don't feel no pain. my mind ain't nothin' but a total blank. i think i'll just stay here and draynk.' i wanna go to this if only to see the people who can afford the tickets meandering with the fanatics who spent their entire paycheck so they could see him.

04.13+14.01 | shane mcgowan + the popes | fillmore : i still haven't seen him solo, for fear of it obliterating my memory of how amazing the pogues were when they each had a keg of guiness at their feet for a show.

04.13.01 | lloyd cole | slim's : i'm sensing some kind of 80s flashback thing going on here. she's got perfect skin...

04.18.01 | david thomas | BotH : ex-frontman for pere ubu. probably the only person i can think of who could challenge jad fair to the quirky title. pere ubu was amazing. the pixies lifted a lot of their sound from them.

04.19.01 | fear | slim's : straight ahead old school brilliant punk

04.21.01 | poi dog pondering | fillmore : these guys used to play at the cafe i worked at for free on friday afternoon. i think they're in chicago now. i thought they broke up. i'm really having flashbacks now...only in the nineties. they were really good back then. now? i'd rather go see:

04.21.01 | richard buckner | BotH :
best living songwriter + maybe poet i know of. has a way with tunes + a nice breathy almost appalachian voice. he's taken country + deconstructed it. look for me. i'll be the blonde weepy puddle @ the front of the stage.

04.22+23.01 | arab strap | BotH : more scottish popsters, but definitely more on the dark reflective folky end of the spectrum. nick
drake meets nick cave + belle+sebastian.

04.27.01 | pancho sanchez | latin jazz super-percussionist. you will find your ass has a mind of its own @ this show.

05.01+02.01 | jets to brazil | slim's: fans of local punk heroes jawbreaker (the sf h¸sker d¸) don't miss this one.

05.10+11.01 | folk implosion + lou barlow | BotH : lou barlow, the genius behind sebadoh, opening for his own side project band.
introspective indie rocker...this show will likely be a little more introspective than sebadoh.

05.14.01 | melvins | slim's : seattle seattle seattle (it wouldn't have happened without these cats) really loud, really ugly.

05.18+19.01 | frank black + the catholics | slim's : pixies
front yelper. break my body, hold my bones (hold my bones) you're so pretty when you're unFAITHful to me

05.26.01 | throwing muses | slim's : swirly reunion.

05.31.01 | the flatlanders | slim's : do you have any idea how flat lubbock is? how that town produced 4 incredible musician/songwriters in the same generation is beyond me. i need to drink that water. butch hancock: i've held conversations with him on several occassions. i don't know how. i mean how he carries on a conversation when obviously there is a string of poetry flowing through his brain at all times. jimmie dale gilmore: warbler extraordinaire. one of, if not the best voice in country music today. named after jimmie rogers, somehow his voice actually lives up to that, except i've never really heard him yodel. joe ely: the rockin' showman that grabbed the clash's attention back in their day. david byrne called these guys country music's velvet
underground. bless david byrne's little heart. all amazing songwriters. more a legend than a band indeed. (the 4th mentioned up there is not in the flatlanders, + that's terry allen.)