Tuesday, April 10, 2001

i'm moving to saratoga

04.13 | carlos! + john vanderslice | BotH -vanderslice does that song 'bill gates must die', though his music really is pretty good + not just a novelty one-off. haven't seen carlos! but i like the exclamation! reminds me of wham! something tells me that they ain't no wham! though!

04.19 | evan dando | cellar @ johnny foley's -speaking of somebody must die. here's that lemonheads guy. (it's a shame about ray)

04.26 | tricky | fillmore -aww yeah

04.29 | iggy pop | fillmore - most people know him for 'lust for life' from trainspotting + suv commercials. trainspotting makes sense, but it's just odd that a weird little in-shape wrinkly worm toad who has a habit of pulling his package out onstage would be selling the american dream. i dig him. 'i'm so messed up i want you here, i'm so messed up, i want you near, now i got you face to face as i lay right down in my favorite place + now i wanna be your dog. so come on!'

04.30 | fatboy slim | fillmore

05.12 | white stripes | fillmore -one guy, one girl, a guitar + drums. some mod rockin' tunes.

05.31 | david byrne | fillmore -ironic that he's playing the same night as the band i quoted him on the last one o' these.

06.05+06 | tortoise | fillmore -leaders of the stripped down jazz/punk scene from chicago. sea+cake...sam prekop...gastr del sol... this drummer (john mc entire) leaves me speechless. sometimes borders on techno-sounding, except there's not a computer around.

06.15 | blake babies | gamh - juliana hatfield's old band. juliana hatfield? one of the first of the 'girly' voices that became really prevalent in post-nirvana punk (lord, forgive me, folks. that just didn't sound right. waaay too pretentious...i need elbow patches a pipe + a pierced tongue to talk like that). anyway, the blake babies were one of the first. she also has been involved in giant sand (have i raved enough about them?), the lemonheads, + the juliana hatfield three. remember "i hate my sister...she makes me sick."? i like juliana. especially with the blake babies.

check out why i'm moving to saratoga

no way in hell i'm describin' 'em all (from may - september):
wallflowers (if all they ever wrote was 'one headlight', well, nevermind) | john lee hooker | emmylou harris (o.k. if you go to this, i have to warn you that if i'm there emmylou will ignore the rest of the crowd + sing directly + only to me. i don't know why. she just has a thing for me) w/ joe henry | cesaria evora w/bebel gilberto (weird double, but two women with amazing voices, one all about belting, the other all about subtlety) | bela fleck | nina simone (there's this great quote of hers during a song where she stops the band + admonishes them for pushing the tempo too hard. for fear of misquoting, i'll save it until i bring the cd in.) | chieftains | lyle lovett (lyle's music has been keeping me in good company recently) | mary chapin carpenter w/ steve earle + the dukes (steve was on FIRE when i saw him in march. or maybe i was. hmmmm...) | shawn colvin (great lyricist. great voice, great guitarist. nice nose) | indigo girls | lou rawls, baby | cowboy junkies (they're still around?) | gipsy kings | willie nelson -I LUUUUUV YOUUUUU, WILLLIEEEEE!!!!!!! | dwight yoakum | john prine | smokey robinson

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