Sunday, April 22, 2001

hollow rings

cheryl wheeler | 4.26 | freight + salvage, berkeley -good country singer songwriter. bring a flask

j. mascis + the fog | 4.27 | GAMH -dino jr guy

mekons | 4.28 | GAMH -i keep thinking this band broke up. one of the earliest punk meets country bands from leeds, england. jon langford's first band for those familiar with the waco brothers.

tippa ire w/pato banton | 4.28 | justice league -two incredible toasters for you reggae fans.

prince | 4.28 | arena in oakland -genius.

jerry jeff walker | 5.1 + 7.22 | GAMH -big drunken fratboy draw in my homestate, but that still couldn't keep me away from his amazing songs. how many people can say bob dylan recorded one of their songs? the crowd here will likely be different, i guess, but there is a lot of woodwork in this town.

sigur ros | 5.2 | fillmore -iceland's answer to the emerging ambient pop scene from the british isles.

rocket from the crypt | 5.2 | GAMH -heavily influenced by the 80's minneapolis scene (h¸sker d¸ + replacements) + mixed with that southern cal punk sound (minutemen, x), these are some of the truest punks out there. get their tattoo + see 'em free.

terence blanchard quintet | 5.3-6 | yoshi's - hard bop trumpeter who worked under marsalis + then moved on to art blakey's jazz messengers. probably best known for his movie scores for spike lee, which tend to be mellower than his normal solo hard bop.

el vez | 5.5 | GAMH -the self proclaimed 'mexican elvis', son of elvis + charo. cheese at its finest. the date is the most important thing here. cinco

joan jett + the blackhearts | 5.5 | BotH -yes, hulett is recommending joan jett + the blackhearts. they will give your hair a new part. i do love rock 'n' roll, after all

rufus wainwright | 5.6 | GAMH -loudon wainwright iii's son, who sounds absolutely nothing like his dad. rufus is much more jazz oriented with a little over the top drama thrown in. rufus is a tit man (loudon was a bit off with that one)

chick corea | 5.9-13 | yoshi's -chick replaced herbie in miles' group. truth be told, i don't know that much more about him, as his music as i've heard it always fell a little flat with me. disagree? convert me. i'm open.

g. love + special sauce | 5.15 | warfield -never got into 'em, but i figured some of you would be interested.

herbie hancock (appearance) | 5.16 | bimbo's -who knows what 'appearance' means for this julian priester benefit show, but herbie in a place as small as bimbo's???

peter case | 5.18 | slim's -great singer songwriter primarily in the old 'busker' sense. a guy who used to play on the streets of san francisco for spare change. he also fronted the plimsouls (remember 'a million miles away'?) he belts the songs out with a soulful sensibility with tales of hard luck. are you a fan of steve earle?

dave matthews | 5.18-19 | pacbell park -again, not really into him, though i appreciate the musicianship. i figured several of you would be interested.

john mayall | 5.25 | slim's -one of the first 60's blues white boys

ben harper | 5.26 | greek theatre -uc berk

tom petty + the heartbreakers | 5.28 | chronicle pavilion -i may never see him again, if i have to sit on the grass + see him on a 20 yard wide television. 'i don't understand the world today'

gourds | 6.1 | slim's (benefit show) -the texas pogues co-headline a benefit show

del mccoury band | 6.12 | GAMH -great bluegrass band. really great.

built to spill | 6.16-19 | slim's

stereo mc's | 6.20 | slim's

ex w/ black heart procession | 6.27 @ BotH | 6.28 @ GAMH -the ex are a mixed bag of punk + european folk indie cats from amsterdam. black heart procession are a mixed bag of desert, sea, cabaret meets nick cave from san diego. a great mixed bag. don't miss this one.

red house painters | 7.1 | GAMH -you a fan of american music club? this guy bares his soul similarly. folkyrock despair + loss.

ani difranco | 7.6 | greek theatre -uc berk

roxy music | 8.5 | chronicle pavilion -i once heard that guy in the banana hammock that sang for duran duran claim that he was heavily influenced by the velvet underground. it took me awhile but i figured out he was hearing the VU filtered through roxy music. that doesn't make roxy music bad. i like them, even if they are this missing link. again, i don't want to pay over $40 to sit on the grass + see bryan ferry on tv

madonna | 9.5 | arena in oakland -quit rubbing your eyes. she's huge. i gotta open my closet every now + then. no, i'm not going. unless one of you wants to buy me a ticket.

widespread panic | 10.12-13 | greek theatre -uc berk jam band with sounds of the south: rock, blues, jazz + folk